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12000mAh USB Power Bank External Battery Charger for iPhone/iPad/iP​​od

ipad iphone external battery charger
  • 1-Year Warranty!
  • 30-Day Money Back!
Brand new External Battery Pack & Emergency charger for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia and other Smartphones & tablets

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Price: $
Capacity : 6000mAh
Select Your Capacity:
8000mAh 8800mAh 9600mAh 10400mAh 12000mAh
Battery Chemistry : Li-ion battery
Input : DC 5V/1A & DC 5V/2A
USB output : 5.0±0.25V/2.0A(MAX)
Size : 160*45*25.7mm
Weight : 250g
Charging Time : 6-8 hours

** Built-in Dual USB output plugs, combined with various transit connector can be used in all device. Such as Ipad, Ipod ,Iphone ,and kinds of smartphone; General mobile, Digital Camera. Telecamera, PSP, NDSI,PDA, MP3 ,MP4,GPS,UMPC and Bluetooth etc.