Laptop Lap Desk:Portable Folding Laptop Table Stand Desk Bed Sofa Tray

Folding Laptop Table Deks:Smartly designed, highly human-oriented laptop desk. Powerful and flexible, it's suitable to different kinds of situations and for different purposes. Or you can call it a mini transformer.
Compact ergonomic design, this portable desk has the adjustable function, compact ergonomic design, aluminum alloy and cooling board in durable construction and suitable for heat dissipation.
The tabletop high and angle can be easily adjusted by one-touch according to individual desired. The laptop desk suitable for bedroom, living room or the studio desk. Suitable for bed, sofa, desk, carpet, lawn.
* Can be used on: bed, sofa, desk, carpet, lawn
* Can be used as: laptop desk, mini desk, palette, flower shelf
* Apply to: adults and kids

Laptop Desk list:
  • Adjustable Laptop Cooler Desk With cooling fan

    The Laptop Lap Cooling Desk have 2 strong fan behind the desk and cooling the laptop well.Cooler Fan Bed Notebook Laptop Workstation Table Desk.Folding Laptop Bed Table Desk Stand Cooling Fan Cooler-Usage suitable :laptop desk,mini desk,book holder, breakfast table, bed tray.

  • Vented Foldable Aluminum Laptop Table Desk Bed

    This is more than just a laptop desk or laptop stand. It is a multiple function table tray to help you organize better. You can easily change its shape by pushing the buttons on the joints. It suits a wide variety of functions as a computer laptop stand, bed tray, breakfast table and book holder.The Laptop Lap Desk has a compact surface, which in combination with the cooling holes, allows the placement of almost any object above it and dissipates heat rapidly so that your notebook is always well cooled.

  • Folding Laptop Table With Mouse Pad

    The folding laptop table with mousepad is a smartly designed, highly human-oriented laptop desk, powerful and flexible, suitable to different kinds of situations and purpose. In some way you can call it a mini transformer.Folding Laptop Table With Mouse Pad-Folding Laptop Desk Stand TV Tray Table with mousepad-Portable Folding Laptop Table.

  • Folding Laptop Cooling Lap Desk With Fan (Three USB hubs)

    Folding Laptop Lap Desk With Fan-The Laptop Cooling Lap Desk has three USB hubs in the fan.Adjustable Portable Folding Laptop Notebook PC Table Desk Tray+2 USB Cooling Fan.The Laptop Lap Cooling Desk have 2 strong fan behind the desk and cooling the laptop well.In addition,The Laptop Lap Cooling Desk Have three usb hugs for various pirpose as your request.